Uncommon Sense: Republicans Lost the Budget / CR Battle

Published on May 3, 2017

The supposed “bipartisan” continuing resolution (CR), aka the budget, was recently passed by Congress. But, the details of the CR leave one wondering what was so bipartisan about what was included or not included.

John Medeiros

Nick, great job pointing out the hypocrisy of the GOP. It is clear the GOP is running like a ship with no one at the wheel. However, I do think they would have been blamed for a government shutdown and it’s clear the Trump Administration wasn’t ready for building support for massive change during this CR. The good news is that the next bite at the apple is 30 September. I think many of Trump’s supporters will give him a pass for this CR but if he can’t make the changes he needs to make and the GOP can’t pull themselves together. The GOP may just lose seats to their own far right.
Eileen Guthrie

Oh, the irony. Congress is against the wall on our borders yet they all live in gated communities, why? To keep people out.
John Belt

I think they should have shut down the Gov. But maybe Trump intends to use the time to set things up so that the shutdown doesn’t actually effect We The People. That way he can show everyone that the Gov actually doesn’t do a darned thing and no one will notice if it “shuts down”.
Scott Lyon

Carmine DeStefano

What you said depresses me because it’s so right on the money.

@2:02 “what do you think about the new bi-partisan budget deal…” I think if you want a political party that actually stands for reduced government, is pro-life and will build a wall between the United States and Mexico the republican party is not it.
Thomas H

It seems more of a bipartisan battle to see who can shovel the most BS down our throats. Sadly I believe the Republicans are winning that one.

I don’t understand why this is surprising to anyone. I voted for Trump knowing full well that all we could really hope is that he may slow down democrats on some key issues. The wall is never going to be built, planned parenthood is never going to stop being government funded, Obamacare is never going away, and even if it does, it will only get replaced by single payer Medicare for all. All Trump was ever going to realistically do is slow down the inevitable. We don’t believe any other person that runs for office, so what did so many people believe Trump?

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