EPIC MONTAGE! Limbaugh Demonstrates How Democrats LIE

Published on May 4, 2017

Find More @ http://www.DailyRushbo.com

Jed Clampett

These old Lying Dem O Rats never quit programming their slaves!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Velazquez

their supporters live in fear all the time you think they care ! democrats are the ones getting rich from funds intended to go to the poor but their slaves dont see it! i hate that the republicans never call them out becuase sence they are belivers they feel their doing somthing wrong if they do! democrats are the most evil people ive ever seen in my life
Yurt the Silent Chief

How can they keep getting away with this ? Seriously though, this needs to be shared/exposed/answered to by each & every single one of those dirty lying scoundrels. I’ve heard negative rhetoric before, that’s just politics, this though is a concerted event designed to subliminally plant into unconscious thinking. It’s the Dems who are going to be the main cause of death. I feel sick right fkn now. SMH…
Roberto Viana

I have to say. The democrats spew gibberish all of the time….. I have no idea what they are saying half the time.
Diana Hess

it is hard to listen to democrats. They are lying scumbags!
Gwen Sink

control freaks.fuel fear that’s what they do best.

NANCY PELOSI is full of crisp. right now HOW MANY GET taxed for NOT having INSURANCE an HOW MANY THAT BUY insurance BUT DEDUCTIBLE IS so high that can’t USE IT.
sandii Hassenstein

Democrats have taken and taken from the poor and middle class people for years and they can’t think of anything new to say they are all puppets to Soros

The hardcore liberals I know lie constantly. A few of them I would even call pathological. And hypocrisy is the name of the game with Dems and let’s not forget, fear, fear and more fear!

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