Refugees Fleeing U.S. for Canada over Open Border, Report Says

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by JOHN BINDER4 May 2017Emerson, Manitoba

Foreign refugees are continuing to flee the U.S. to Canada through the open, U.S.-Canadian Border.

In a report by NBC News, foreign refugees are passing through the U.S. to Canada, specifically a small border town of less than 700 people known as Emerson.

The vast majority of the refugees are of Somali descent who were originally placed in the U.S. Other refugees passing through the northern border are from Nigeria, Eritrea, and Djibouti.

According to NBC, since January, more than 300 foreign refugees have crossed the U.S. border into Emerson.

The mayor of Emerson, Greg Janzen, said he was fed up with the wide-open border region, saying he would soon have to start guarding the border himself.

“Right now, it seems like we have an open border,” Janzen told NBC.

In 2014, Breitbart Texas reported how at least 13 foreign refugee suspected terrorists crossed through the U.S. into Canada.

The report reveals that as of September 2014, there were 155 encounters in one specific region of the U.S.-Canadian Border “involving 344 ethnic Somalis, 21 ethnic Ethiopians, five ethnic Kenyans, two ethnic Djiboutians, two ethnic Nigerians, and one ethnic Sudanese and Congolese subjects who have attempted or succeeded in entering Canada illegally near the Pembina, North Dakota, Port of Entry (POE) since June 2010.

“These encounters include 13 subjects with terrorist-related records who have utilized this method of circumventing designated POEs,” the leaked document obtained by Breitbart Texas stated.

Since Trump took office, 42,944 foreign refugees have entered the U.S., primarily from Muslim-majority countries.

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