New Book Reveals Clinton Campaign Hatched Russia Hysteria To Cover For Losing


the DEMOCRATS can sit in a room and decide to stick together to implicate the russians .. but they CANNOT sit in a room and decide to stand for MEDICARE FOR ALL ..and EDUCATION FOR ALL !!
Human extinction is the ONLY solution!

Ah, I still feel all warm & cozy that the bitch and their cronies sank their own ship! Just sucks that she had to CHEAT THE ELECTION OUT OF BERNIE before she tanked. Haha.
Cynthia Johnson

Millions of people held their noses and voted for Hillary, but millions and millions of people threw away their credibility supporting her. She took down Obama, the DNC, the MSM, and the entire establishment and 1/2 the Democratic party all with the power of her hubris. It’s kind of awe inspiring in a twisted sort of way.
Pat Hacker

The Clintons and the DNC have closer ties to Russia than the Republicans.
Cyan Eyed

The Democrat party’s leadership invented Guccifer 2.0, quite possibly advised by Ukrainians and architects of the Ukraine coup. Check out – covers a lot of verifiable evidence.

Cenk. Ugyur. Endorsed. Hillary. And. Her. BULLSHIT. Narrative.
Cloudhost Website

Chelsea, yo momma so dumb… she loses rigged elections!

Yes am reading the book right now. Totally recommend it

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