Dobbs, Tammy Bruce – Spoiled Children Mainstream Media Can’t Cope With President Trump

By Rick Wells

Lou Dobbs quotes a couple of President Trump’s recent tweets, one in which he wrote, “‘Wow, the fake news media did everything in its power to make the Republican health care victory look as bad as possible. Far better than Ocare.’ He also tweeted this, ‘Why is it that the fake news rarely reports Ocare is on its last legs and that insurance companies are fleeing for their lives? It’s dead!’”

Dobbs is more than just a little upset with the mainstream liberal media who are refusing to run a Trump advertisement about the first 100 days, supposedly because it contains a reference to fake news. Tammy Bruce says the reason that ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN won’t run the ad is “because they are spoiled children who are used to having whatever they want. And they’re jealous and they’re envious and they don’t like being exposed.”

She and Dobbs agree that every day they’re exposed with Bruce going on to characterize the President as “a remarkable Commander-in-Chief, he’s following through on his promises, the economy is excellent, and he has the gall to call them out. He is also the world’s best troll; his dry sense of humor. He’s enjoying it and they can’t stand that either. He’s having a great time and so are we.”

Bruce says, “I know it really burns you and you’re upset about it, I think it’s fabulous [not running the ad] because it shows them for what they are.” Dobbs thinks better of his initial urge to expand on what  Bruce said, admitting jokingly that he has “some dark impulses” when he sees the MSM logos.

Dobbs observes that Trump now has about him what he describes as his “Mar-a-Lago ease” noting that he is incommand of the government and the Party, saying, “and I think about Obama and the acolytes and the wannabes, including Hillary Clinton. They must really marvel, because here he is, he’s brought a philosophy, a tone of leadership and an embrace of free market, free enterprise capitalism and a constitutional republic and the result is markets are soaring, the economy is moving, and so-called animal spirits are starting to agitate.

Bruce says, “What they’re seeing is an active man. An individual who is going to be moving through a great deal, and some of the things, a leader, you’re going to maybe drop a few things, some things he’ll have to come back to them, but you’re seeing action, you’re seeing success, you’re seeing a man who owns the day.” She recalls how, “even at the celebration in the Rose Garden, he said, ‘I’m the President, can you believe this, look at, we’ve got it, we’re doing it.’ He’s a man who understands it all.”


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