Eric Duhaime: French feminists vs. Le Pen

Published on May 6, 2017

Eric Duhaime of looks at what’s really behind feminists’ anti-Le Pen agenda. MORE:
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If Le Pen loses the election I hope the people of France are ready to memorize the entire Quran. If you liked this comment click my username for your prize.

Those same feminists probably promote Sharia law. Modern feminism is insanity.
Royal Zak

Islam and feminism have one thing in common – they hate Western culture.
Ed Stack

Feminists are anti-women.
Denise Lalonde

I hope Le Pen wins, otherwise the people might start taking things inot their own hands. A Le Pen win bleeds off the pressure. A Le Pen loss, and further Islamic violence which will lead to one day people saying no, and the streets running red with blood.
David Muldoon

macrons wife is a peodophile, she groomed him from high school
Earthling Carl

Feminists who hate a woman, is this supposed to be news? :S
lacey jones

These women are insane! They are not protestors. Slags running around topless making sane rational women look fucking ridiculous. Feminazi’s you attention seeking whores you stupid bitches do NOT speak for me 🇬🇧

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