*(AMERICA! THIS WOMAN IS TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN.) – Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Crazy Woman Teacher Organizer of UC Berkeley Riots! Feminist Triggered 2017

Published on May 5, 2017

Tucker Carlson Destroys Crazy Woman Teacher!
Tucker Carlson Tonight Triggers LIVE!
Tucker Carlson Triggers yet another Liberal!

Joshua Fowler

I hope some breaks her fucking jaw the next event

It is only a matter of time,. she will come across the wrong person and she will be off the streets for a long time.

eco delsol

She fit her definition of fascist
Daniel Forget

She’s a first class NUTCASE, she should be fired, if not the whole school board. It will really be crazy to keep her as a teacher, she’s a danger for her students.

She is filled with pure evil.

This chink has this smirk i just wanna break her face it’s disgusting

Holy crap, she actually believes everything she’s saying! Scary!😳
Not PC

Once again a Leftist SJW proves they’re racist, sexist, Fascists.
christy contois

somebody needs to punch that bitch in the face

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