#MacronLeaks: Secret Islamization Plans

Published on May 6, 2017

Just one day before the French election, a massive pile of documents were released about the left-wing candidate Emmanuel Macron.
Eric Duhaime went through the documents and found Macron’s secret plan to Islamize France.
Watch to find out what’s inside Macron’s plans for joining Islam with France. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/macronleak…

Native Daughter

Come on France. PLEASE save your beautiful country.
Jodie Holmes

please french don’t let him win. learn our lesson from paris attack, 9/11, orlando, nice, london, boston
Moon Door

If Frech people don’t elect Marine Le Pen, better be ready for the Sharia.
marcel marechal

Macron’s secret plan to Islamize France. Why don’t the people of France care. They are getting raped, pillaged and fucked over by Islam yet no one cares. They just had a terrorist attack recently but every one there turns a blind eye to it like an over politically correct social justice warrior snow flake. France you should all be shamed of yourselves.
bombislam dotcom

If the women of France like their clit and don’t want to wear a burkka they better vote Le Pen!
Janet Crites

Didn’t the London Muslim mayor just outlaw billboards as too racy. Get ready if Muslim Mentor Macron gets in there.
Гот ми е още

Today is the day when france will choose it’s future.
The Angry Poet

If Marine Le Penn loses then their country deserves to die. If you will not fight to defend your country you do not deserve to keep it.

Holy crap!! Won’t be long before this shit comes to Canada… some of it is already starting here. 


Vote for Marine Le Pen to save France!
Cory Lamee

it’s very sad that France may choose. to spit in the face of Charles Martel and his Gallant Frank’s. Who saved France from Islamization many centuries ago. indeed most of Europe has or may choose this evil. despite their forebears screaming at them. through the ocean of time. To save their culture, identity and Europe itself.

2 thoughts on “#MacronLeaks: Secret Islamization Plans

  1. We were 38 per cent who tried hard but the propaganda and the brainwashing took over. Sad day for the French people who loved their country. RIP

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