French Voters in London: “Anyone but Le Pen”

Published on May 7, 2017

Caolan Robertson of spoke to French ex-pats in London, voting in the Presidential election on May 7, 2017. MORE:…
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Amazing how closely this echoes the American election last year. “What don’t you like about Donald Trump?” “…..Everything!” “What’s something specific you don’t like about him?” “Look at his whole…. everything… his whole life and who he is…. Just, ugh!” “Well, name me one thing for the sake of this conversation.” (condescending tone) “Have you even been, like, paying ATTENTION this whole time?!” (laughs sardonically while looking at friends for validation)

2:50: Wait, shes bad because she wants to protect the French? I guess France really is the country of surrender
Mad Brad

OMG !!. France is sooo Fucked now. These stupids are wasting their last chance. Don’t they have brains to see what’s gonna happen if Macron wins. I always pitied about your refugee crisis But now I don’t care. You French people screwed yourself. Say goodbye to peace & Happiness . Dodos of your land , Brace for extinction.
Erik Z

The people are typical lefties, no fucking clue, cannot answer or justify their thoughts.

It’s like watching sheep proudly going to slaughter while voicing contempt for animal rights activists. If someone wants to keep you safe, maybe you should give them more credit than using slogans to define your programme. France is on a downward spiral and has only itself to blame now!

Wow! The brainwashing is worst in Europe than it is in the USA. Pathetic fools! They are like lambs to the slaughter, but don’t know it! None give a good argument or explanation, but like typical libtards just says “racist’ and ‘facist’. What idiots.
Rob Swope

France just cucked itself.
Prins van Oranje

The people who voted for Le Pen should come to the Netherlands as refugees. I would welcome them because they have common sense, and then Geert Wilders can win. After that, we have a stronghold for making European nations European.

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