How well would you be prepared if the lights went out and didn’t come back on?

| – MAY 9, 2017

Congress recently brought an exploratory panel together to glance at the immediate aftermath resulting from an EMP attack.


When they start to take things serious in Congress is PRECISELY when they plan on starting to implement their use themselves. Red alert, red alert.
Russell Ouellette

Probably a set up for a false flag EMP.
rex racer

People I suggest building your self a garage equipped with a Faraday cage. Keep some good solar equipment and a couple good SUVs inside, and any other electrical things you may need.

rex racer Interesting. I didnt know that. The question at hand here is how real is government intervention of these type of occurrences through projects like HAARP for example
OctoMan PC's

EMP the US, kill ALL the lights, then wake sleepers cells and wreak HAVOC
Mike .R.

I don’t think it would be a bad thing to back up time a century and a 1/2. Only the unable would perish and those of us who can live just fine without electricity – will simply revert back to simpler times. I say bring it. lol

Except for those who learnt off their grandparents and parents how to garden and preserve food without refrigeration including meat. I know my family won’t go hungry
dumbassacrat Slayer

When a EMP hits the dumbassacrats will be the new zombies.

Northern states also need to prepare to have a way to get HEAT in Winter. Furnaces and boilers run on electricity as well as gas, both of which would go out. Us city people mostly don’t have fireplaces to burn wood…

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