Mark Levin Calls On Chuck Schumer To “PUT UP OR SHUT UP!”

Published on May 10, 2017

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Chucky Doll Schumer can cry me a river!–Fuck the communist democrats!
Justin Giffei

I can’t believe people of New York keep on voting that ass clown in 😑😑😑😑😑😑
Tina Arko

There is no Russian evidence. They would of used it against him long ago. They should investigate Hillary and the Podesta brothers connections to Russia.
Tounge Lasher

I hope Chuck Shoomer looses his next election.
Gordon Runkle

The whole “Russian Election Meddling” is #VeryFakeNews. The Dems are just flinging any mud, hoping that something, anything, will stick in peoples’ minds.
Alex Miles

Schumer is hands down, the biggest dickbag in American politics today. I wish Ted Kennedy was still alive, so he could take him for a drive.
Bryan Keith

every time I see this disgusting piece of shit scum bitch I want to put a claw hammer in his forehead

GOD I hope they get reduced to ashes in the midterms…
Chuck Carter

I had the Russians call me and said stay home they would vote for me later found out they voted for Hillary Clinton they said they can blackmail her

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