RUSH: What If FBI Investigation Reveals Collusion Between Obama And Russia?

Published on May 11, 2017
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Scott Leeper

its merely a liberal attempt to end trumps presidency.
Mary McLean

Don’t worry, they will end up with egg on their faces. They will go down in flames over the next 4 years and it will take another 4 years to clean up the hurricane mess that obumer and his cronies left behind.

I used to be able to barely stand listening to Rush. The radio station we get the strongest in my area carries his show, so I sometimes listen to that channel while driving about. Prior to Trump as POTUS, I could listen to Rush for a little while till he said something about Obama that I considered so rude I’d turn the radio off. Levin I could not stand, and still don’t care for. Hannity I never liked either. But lately I’ve been agreeing with Rush a lot and listen to his show in its entirety if I’m driving, and even watch his podcast and YouTube videos quite often. And I’m in agreement with him on this subject also. What exactly does the ‘left’ think transpired between Trump and the Russians? HRC is a complete lying POS and there’s a mountain of evidence to support that. So what exactly could the Russians have done? Told the truth about HRC? Instead it’s everybody pile on Trump. They hate him because he’s not a politician IMO.
Paul Squires

Obama was never presidential material morally bankrupt communist Muslim booty pirate. He forced gay sex marriage and transtard bathrooms on the American people. He is lower than the scum that grows on scum!!
Kathy Bowers

Democrats can’t stop crying.
Cloudwalker 57

I personally cant believe this is still being played out 10 months later.We have better things to talk about.May the truth come out soon.I just hope Mr.T keeps McCabe the hell out of there.The top teer of the fbi are clintonites,even i know that
4LVOFCOUNTRY Americans1st

rush you know that Obama and hrc are getting a free treason pass from doj and MSM refuses to report on any of their crimes PODESTA MADE MILLIONS ILLEGALLY when working for obama hrc far more then Flynn ever thought about
Jay Velcamp

“After the election and I don’t need to face voters again, I can help you more.” Oh, btw, you gave Hillary so much money, here’s 25% of our uranium.

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