The Worst Of Maxine Waters

Jo-Ann Caravana

Evidence that term limits are necessary.
Mike Rieck

Evidence that IQ limits should are necessary.

Serious question, is Maxine Waters retarded
Milton Kanfer

Impeach 45? I think she means Colt 45. She is a dumbass and if she takes out her dentures and removes her wig hat she’d make a great voodoo woman in a jungle movie.

Why has Maxine Waters not be institutionalized? She is beyond senile and needs to be protected from herself.

I soooo hope she stays in power for the Dems. haha
Franklin Bandi

lazan arndt

Boy is she a liar. waters should be removed from office and sent to gitmo.
BD Karol

How does someone like this get elected? SMH..Russians invading Korea? Only in California..
PickelJars ForHillary

The wig has cut off the oxygen to her brain.

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