It would have been ok for Hillary to fire Comey, but not Trump – Maxine Watters – #TFNOriginal

Published on May 12, 2017
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Monty Burns

How the hell is Maxine Waters in congress? She’s like that crazy, embarrassing aunt that everyone has. Who the hell voted-in crazy auntie Maxine?!?!?

How does this woman function on a daily basis, I mean is she able to dress herself in the morning.  The term bat shit crazy describes her perfectly, what an enormous waste of the taxpayer’s money !
Ernesto Valdes

The FBI director has no credibility, and Maxine Waters has never had any.
Joseph C

she is a moron.
Ramon Yanez

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, remember the old commercials? No one understands chimp babble except other chimps.
F Dig

This lady is nuts I don’t know how anybody can vote for this lady
holoholo haole no ka oi

I can’t help but picture Mad Maxine without the wig and makeup

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