The Montage MSNBC would like erased, and scrubbed from history – #TFNOriginal

Published on May 9, 2017

Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’donnell, and Chris Matthews’ expert punditry predicting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Chevyoune Wood

Ha Ha Ha Ha! Love listening to these idiots and their stupid comments!
Amos Soma

I want to thank MSNBC and CNN for providing hour of pure entertainment bu going back and watching their election predictions and coverage. It’s so good and entertaining, they could probably charge for it.

Grab them by the ?u$$y
persona non grata

This is like porn for Conservatives.
Jolly Green Giant

Snowflakes morphing into fucking braindead rioters. 💀OPEN SEASON!💀ZOMBIE ALERT💀
John Sandor

amazing these idiots are still on the air.

Love these montages. Keep them coming.
Erich Lee

That moron femboi Madcow also fooled herself when she “exposed” Trumps taxes.

before trump even said he was running. msnbc already saying Hillary will be president. no wonder we are so Clinton sick

MSNBC should kill themselves

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