Salvadoran Officials Warn: Mass Deportation Will Increase Violence In Our Country


The government of El Salvador is reportedly concerned about stricter enforcement of immigration laws in the United States, claiming mass deportations will result in increased violence in El Salvador.

According to El Comercio, Salvadoran Defense Miniser David Munguia Payés told reporters, “we know that if there are massive deportations from the U.S., violence in [El Salvador] will increase” because such deportations will likely target the MS13 street gang.

Payés allegedly told reporters that if members of the MS13 street gang are deported en masse, they will cause tension among local gang members.

This appears to concur with a recent report from Crisis Group which suggested the Trump administration “refrain from instigating mass deportations or harder anti-immigrations measures” to prevent increased violence in Central American countries, including El Salvador.

Back to El Comercio, the outlet states that El Salvador’s government is contemplating combatting the increased risk of violence by requiring criminal deportees to check in with police monthly to prove they’re not involved in any illegal activities.

“On the other hand,” the outlet reports, “the [Defense Minister] did not rule out the possibility that gang members with criminal records [will also be] arrested on arrival in the country.”

News of El Salvador’s concern appears to have struck many as an example of exactly why the U.S. needs to clamp down on illegal immigration.



MS13 gang members have made headlines as of late for violence carried out in the U.S.

In one particularly gruesome case, the dismembered bodies of four young men were discovered in Long Island.

According to NBC, those murders were linked to MS13, which the outlet states has been accused of carrying out 15 homicides in the last 16 months in one single New York county.

In response, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech slamming MS13 as “a symbol of this plague that has spread across our country and into our communities,” further describing them as “one of the gravest threats to American safety.”

Sessions also visited Long Island to discuss MS13 and the increase in crime the gang has brought to the United States.

El Comercio
Crisis Group

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