RUSH: Media Attempting To Recreate Watergate In ‘EXACTITUDE’

Published on May 15, 2017

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Jay Velcamp

Nixon carried FORTY NINE STATES, and the media got rid of him less than 2 years later. I don’t know if Trump can survive. I hope he can. If not, we may just as well hand the country over to the socialists and call it a day.
Porfle Popnecker

People weren’t wise to the media then like they are now.

Repubs investigating Trump and his folk, have all quit or are “missing” Appointees investigating him and his folk, are all fired Doesn’t sound like Nixon at all…. lol
Powder River

The media cannot recreate Watergate, that’s so laughable because it wasn’t the media who conspired to depose Nixon in the first place! Good books have been written about this, suffice it to say Nixon’s departure was a mixture of inside treachery and mishandled mistakes by Nixon himself,but remember it was Nixon who led out us of Vietnam (against the wishes of the NeoCons) and opened inroads to China, against Kissinger’s advise,nonetheless that rat wanted to take credit, however the media did do its best to help character assonate Nixon and try to reduce him to nothing but the media wishes it was that powerful.
David Dominianni

Are the drive-by’s trying to save Obama’s legacy, or are they trying to save liberalism itself? If Trump and the Republicans are successful in getting the country rolling again after nearly a decade of stagnation, it will not only unravel the narrative of Obama has the best, smartest President ever. It was also make painfully clear that his socialist policies don’t work, and that market-based, conservative principles do. That’s not a lesson that the media elites want Americans to learn, or it might spell the end for liberalism in this nation.
Ratty McCatty

If only lying in the media were a crime, there would be a whole lot of “journalists” in prison. Maybe the people need to start killing “journalists.”
R. Weaver

The existence of the Mainstream leftist lying media IS criminal
Elizabeth Velazquez

well its not going to work we wont stand for it

It’s hilarious that the Dems are trying to convince people that Comey’s job involved any actual investigation.
Paris Belle

Delusional liberals. Yet… Hillary Clinton is running around being nutty and treasonous. Obama is caught taping Americans. The msm continues to aid President TRUMP in the next election by continuing to look idiotic. It’s really fascinating. I am trying to imagine their conversations about how to take out President Trump. How to work the angel.

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