Joe Scarborough is A LIAR – 100% Purveyor of FAKE NEWS

Thomas Vavro

Joe, get your facts straight before you go on national television and spew you fucking bullshit!! I use to have respect for you and your show, but not ANYMORE!!….YOU ARE A TOTAL LIBTARD!!
Kevin Burchfield

Joe Scarborough is a Republican. And just like the Democrats, the Republicans want to control what you see, hear and think. Both parties have been in control of this country for so long there not going to give it up easily. That’s why we must stay strong behind President Trump and support him.

No one cares about the United States press corpse. We know them as liars, which is what they are. We don’t believe any of you, including Fox News. This is the media’s problem to fix, not ours. WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!!!
Mike M

Joe Scarborough went to high school in Pensacola. about 30 miles from here. apparently we were stupid enough to vote him into office. thank goodness he quit. I heard he’s thinking of running for office again but it won’t be down here in the first district in Florida. I don’t believe anybody would reelect him again. instead of “Good Morning, Joe” down here we say, “Good-bye, Joe!”
John L

and they wonder why Trump calls them all fake News! pathetic!
Mike D

Trump needs a media blackout and a messaging team ratings will fall for fake news hopefully they will lose there jobs

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