REPORT: Scalia Believed Supreme Court Was Being Surveilled by Obama…

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By Jim Hoft

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst, went on FOX Business Network on Monday to discuss allegations Senator Rand Paul and another senator were under surveillance by the Obama administration.

Napolitano also dropped a bomb on the Obama administration spying on the US Supreme Court.

Judge Napolitano: Justice Scalia told me that he often thought the court was being surveilled. And he told me that probably four or five years ago…If they had to unmask Senator Paul’s name to reveal a conversation he was having with a foreign agent and the foreign agent was hostile to the United States they can do that. That’s not what he’s talking about. They’re talking about unmasking him when he’s having a conversation with his campaign manager when he’s running in the Republican primary.

During the discussion Judge Napolitano also said Barack Obama could be subpoenaed to testify if he viewed the unmasked intelligence.

Richard Hayduk

Obama is a fucking criminal who belongs in prison. People are so naive about this man and his administration. 
Keep It Real

The NSA has already admitted they looked at the emails of Congress. The Obama DOJ did nothing about it…. The current system of “oversight ” of our intelligence agencies is a joke!!! A new system of oversight needs to be implemented!!!
kjb B

I recall when the Dems. lost someone in their camp codified in a memo- “oh no we lost; this is our undoing of everything” paraphrased..The DNC never allowed the FBI to look at their hacked server- too much evidence with collusion to create the Russian (conspiricay) interference? Ha, I think so..they are the conspiracy theorists!
G. H.

This is exactly why the Dems and the MSM are pushing the Trump/Russia narrative. Once that’s over the heat is turned on Clinton/Podesta and Obama.
kjb B

oh and to recall the guy named Seth (Thomas?) when they found his body and the capital police would barely comment on his death- they said it was a robbery and yet ohmigosh his wallet wasn’t taken and he was a DNC guy–he was murdered..he had over 40k emails from the dnc..the story as of yet hasn’t been fully resolved..oh as an FYI: if you want to work for the DNC: carry a fracking gun! Schumer looks like a effing ex-inmate and Hillary should be in a cell!

EVERYONE who posed a threat to Obama was surveilled. This is how Liberals always operate when in power, they abuse it and point fingers at everyone else blaming them for what they do.

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