Deep state behind chaos & collapse narrative

| – MAY 17, 2017

The attempt to de-legitimize & impeach Trump could lead to massive riots in American cities this summer.


Well, Mr. Watson, I’m glad to see that it does not seem to be helping their cause 😀 you’ve slowly been increasing your audience on here alone ever since I discovered your channel about six months ago. Keep doing you!
Lisa bug

I stand with our President
Joshua Silva

Good thing conservatives have 90% of the guns

let me clarify, i had a friend, had 5 to 10 guns about… so if 100 people, have 100 guns, in the percapita, then u find out, o shit, 1 of those people have 10 guns……. well now 90 guns r among 99 people now… then u find out, o shit,i have 5 to 10 guns too, so 2 people have 20 guns, out of the 100… then there r my friends and family, who also, have many many guns… so 10 people, have like 50 guns…….. the other 90 people, have to split 50 guns lol… liberals, don’t stand a chance.. sorry.
Richard Driskill

Trump HAS GOT TO drain the swamp, and quickly.
Dawn Thomas

I’m paying attention, I’m watching news, I’m listening.. I’m average intelligence… impeached for what?!?

Lol sometimes I feel bad for President Trump… Poor dude just wants to make America great again.

America is one of the last countries who has a chance at pulling through this leftist insanity. You guys won a huge victory in electing Donald Trump. Don’t let him be impeached. You can’t let this stand. If the left impeaches Trump, you will have to fight back or America will be well on its way to becoming like Sweden.
Oliver Witherspoon

#CivilWar2 is about to happen If the deep state and liberals actually succeed in this ridiculous campaign, it will be all out war in America.
George Kromidas

Democrats haven’t been this angry since Lincoln became president and they got their slaves taken away.
Hoss Cartwright

My AR-15 is ready…

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