Either Comey Memo is Fake or Comey lied under Oath

Published on May 18, 2017

Arlinda Barry

My mothers sisters boyfriend has a cousin who was eatin by Bigfoot and lived to tell😒….. True story= NYT
stfu or fight me

lmao at anybody who thinks Russia has the capabilities to meddle in the US after their country went broke and collapsed attempting to go war with the US less than 30 years ago… straight up

an anonymous source told me that I am king of the world and everybody should send me $1. so since according to the fake stream media Anonymous sources are the end-all to be all you should all send me $1
Wesley Davis

Comey memo and the pee dossier are both made up character assassinations and straight up fake news. Fuck the MSM.

Frank notice how this and the day before another fake scandal came out 2 hours after the Seth Rich DNC Wikileaks?????

I heard if first on infowars (as usual), but good job! We need more real journalists out there exposing the fake news.
Uncle Tairy

The media is fucking repulsive. I’m so sick of being lied to by these assholes.

lol. I want to see the God damn memo as well.

He certainly DID lie under oath! Whether the memo is real or not, Comey LIED under oath when he said 3 or so months after the memo date that there was zero pressure from the WH (Trump). This means he lied under oath PERIOD!
Tommy Rad

There’s more truth in the pages of the Enquirer, than in all MSM put together. Gossip… nothing but gossip!

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