LIMBAUGH: They’re Trying To Accuse Trump Of Doing Something Obama Actually Did With Comey

Published on May 17, 2017

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In the real world do you know how long it would have taken to wrap up this Flynn nonsense… less than a month. The Russia collusion/hacking story as well. This is nothing but a political op that will go on indefinitely.
Ken Potter

I’m Shocked, SHOCKED to learn that the DemonRats are Hypocrites!

you are presuming the memo is legit
Cynthia Drockton

Rush.! If the house and senate want the notes that Comey wrote, they should request all the notes pertaining to the Comey notes he wrote regarding the election. I bet he says he does not have any regarding his talks with Obama.
Walter Peretiatko

Brilliant Rush!

Rush. So far nobody, not even Trey Gowdy has actually talked about the fact that “negligence”, as a legal term, is about failure to have the correct intent. When you’ve been given special clearances the training and the contract that they sign, makes it clear that if such a person fails to display the proper intent to safeguard the asset(s) or information.
ray bee

I tend to think Trump is smarter than the corrupt who are trying to hang him for what was already done by Soros, Obama, Hillary and Bill, Loretta Lynch, and the weasel Comey…….

Obama also lied about his knowledge of the private server….@wikileaks Cheryl Mills email implicating former POTUS receiving emails form HRC “not a” email account.

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