MARK LEVIN: The Trump Administration Is Within Steps Of Being ‘Destroyed’

Published on May 17, 2017

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Trump is not the president of Republicans Trump is not the president of the Bipartisan joint chambers of Congress Trump is not the president of the Lame stream media Trump is the President of the United States of America! Yours, Ours, Mine.
T Rock

Mark Levin is spot on correct it’s the REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT undermining him….pure SABOTAGE

Repubs are so dumb They voted for a guy who said the GDP was below zero Idiots vote for idiots Trump folk and victimhood, like PB&J

trump needs to wake up. and kick some ass
Jack Sofalot

What you non-Trump supporting republicans and conservatives need to do is stop your criticizing of Trumps tweets and focus on those who are subverting the country. The leftsist. The estabilishment repbulicans. The deep state. The globalists. These are the dark powers in this world. The principalities of evil in high places.
Ben Hussain

Republicans are literally dumb as fuck!
John Galt

How about the “America First” party? We need to organize. I’m no good in real life but I can spam online like a true shit lord. You can only have a Republic or Democracy if the losers accept the winner. The Dems and even Reps will not ever accept Trump or our decision to vote for him. They’ve been ignoring the things we’ve been saying for decades that’s how Trump was able to win by listening to us and that’s why they have to shut it down forever if they can. Based Levin.
Elaine H

This will be the take down of America by the globalist if we allow it to happen. He is our elected President damn it! We have allowed this corruption to bring us down if we do not now stand up against it! He needs our help and support.

We need huge purge in WH. Please Mr. President do it to save the usa!
- dwasilco412 -

Why is Trump just letting them shit all over him time and time again. I think we better face facts, the deep state is in complete control. This country is in bad shape, we are in trouble and we need to admit it.

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