MSNBC – Lawrence O’donnell calling for impeachment? VS His “perfect track record on Donald Trump”

Published on May 17, 2017

Ko Ko Lay

MSNBC is fake news. Zero credibility like CNN

It’s just like Roger Stone said , ” Lawrence O Donnell is mentally ill”
Edward Sutherlin

What an idiot. It must be great to keep a job when one does not have the intelligence of a grapefruit. How do you be such a dick.
Michael Onstad

What a complete retard
Anita Potter

The Libturds don’t understand that majority of Americans support President Trump with a passion. Don’t mess with Trump!

mcdonnell is no journalist, clinton partisan. He lied all day about Bernie too. Americans BOYCOTT this idiot loser and msnbc. No Eyeballs. Ne Revenue. Pass It On

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