Maxine Waters Reveals Proof Trump is Russian Agent 😂

Published on May 19, 2017

Congresswoman Maxine Waters reveals her findings after six months of investigations into Trump and the Russians that will finally bring impeachment charges and end Donald Trump’s presidency once and for all. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017 – Subscribe now for more videos every day!

Castlevania Trump

They are stopping impeachment talk because they are going to try to straight up arrest or kill him
Dave LeBlanc

60+ million US voters are working for Putin as well? Shut up Maxine, you’re sounding like a fool . . .

If there is evidence that North Korea gave Maxine Watters these talking points she needs to be impeached. I strongly believe she is in collusion with North Korea.
Tucson JJ

Maxipad Waters is a demented, lunatic human-gorilla hybrid. What group of filth keeps voting for this hideous clown?
Bella Bur

Calling Hillary crooked requires a strategy ?!
Awake As You

Maxine Waters doesn’t even live in the district she “represents”
Jason Tipton

that woman is an embarrassment to the united States government ,and to the entire human race…what a dumbass assclown!! wow! Nancy pelosi don’t even get me started on her crazy ass! she’s an embarrassment to all Botox filled embalmed corpses!
Rock Shoulder

This is a good example of why affirmative action has no place in congress
Jerrad Johnson

Maxine waters is legally retarded but nobody will tell her because she’s black and the democrats are low expectation biggots.

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