McCain Joins MSNBC Attack On Trump – Could Have Defended, Showboats Instead

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 3.24.27 PM

By Rick Wells

The token “Republican” for achieving “bi-partisanship” and darling of the leftist elites, RINO John McCain, went on the highly partisan and anti-Trump biased Morning Joe program on MSNBC Thursday morning. It’s the perfect place for him to be, provided the attribute of perfection can be used in association with either McCain or the establishment propagandists. Maybe it’s better if we just say he was fulfilling his customary role as a useful prop for their attacks.

Libtard cast member and Washington Post hack David Ignatius asks a question of his comrade McCain, putting the most upside down spin on a question that is so twisted the linguistically challenged McCain gets the order of his words mixed up in responding to it.

Ignatius starts things off with a kiss for McCain, saying, “Senator, you were one of the earliest and bravest critics to say there’s something really wrong in this issue of Trump possible contact with Russia.” Go ahead John, tell him you like his eyes.

Ignatius says, “President Trump is still trying to make this a divisive political issue, saying it’s a personal attack on him, no one has ever been treated as unfairly.” The hypocrisy is stunning, as if it’s not a political attack and the President wouldn’t much prefer those doing the attacking would simply stop.  All he’s doing is fighting back, which is apparently overreacting to the aggression in this libtard’s opinion. If that’s the case, name someone who has been treated more unfairly, Ignatius.

Together Ignatius and McCain portray themselves as trying to organize resistance and to minimize the opposition to the anti-Trump efforts they’ve already got underway. They roll it out as “good Republican” McCain working with the other “good Republicans” against the mean and unhinged guy who stole Hillary Clinton’s crown.

He asks, “What can you do as a leading Republican Senator, with your colleagues, to prevent this from being as bitterly polarizing as it seems the President would like to make it.”  Leave it to a libtard to attack the President for fighting back against their attacks, and calling him the aggressor. McCain validates the false premise of the liberal hack by attempting to laugh it off, saying, “First of all I’ve been worse treated than President Trump has.”

Any negative treatment McCain has endured has all been well deserved and nowhere risen to the level of unfairness that President Trump is dealing with. The President isn’t making anything bitter or polarizing, it’s asses like the Washington Post questioner and the POS RINO Senator he’s interviewing. McCain could diminish the negative impact of the leftist media by supporting the President but instead he grandstands and showboats for the liberals on garbage programs like the one he’s conducting his treasonous smear on.

The graphic at the bottom of the screen reads, “Sen John McCain (R-AZ) Joins Morning Joe,” and it’s correct. They could have made it more accurate if they had added “in treacherous attacks against Republican President.” Maybe they were short on space.


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