Rep Jordan – Mueller Inept Or Obstructing Before – Wants To See All Comey Memos

By Rick Wells

Congressman Jim Jordan shares the concerns of many who don’t trust either Robert Mueller or James Comey any further than they can throw them. The meat of the interview with Jordan starts at about the 1:52 mark in thevideo, with him asked if Mueller was the best choice for a special prosecutor. The questioner makes quite an assumption that there is any legitimacy to any special prosecutor being appointed to conduct this witch hunt. It’s a point that doesn’t escape Jordan.

He replies, “Look, I have an open mind, we’ll see, he’s had an outstanding career serving our country.” With the compulsory niceties out of the way, Jordan follows by saying, “I will tell you the one major interaction I had with former Director Mueller was, frankly, kind of disappointing from my standpoint. It was about four years ago, when the IRS targeting scandal broke. It had been in the news for several weeks and we happened to have Director Mueller in front of the Judiciary Committee. And I asked him a series of questions and he couldn’t answer anything about the investigation.”

Jordan notes, “It was at that time the most important story in the country. You had an agency with the power and the might of the IRS systematically targeting people for exercising their First Amendment free speech rights and he couldn’t tell me who the lead investigator was, how many agents were on the case, did he put his best agents on the case, a case of this magnitude that the ‘president’ at the time had said was critically important, that then-Attorney General Holder said ‘we’re going to get to the bottom of this,’ and the FBI Director couldn’t tell me anything about it?”

Kennedy asks the obvious question, “Ok do you think that was obstruction or incompetence because I think there’s an important distinction there.” Jordan says he doesn’t know the answer to that question but he does know that he wants to get all of the information. He says, “I want to get the full memo that was the Comey memo, but not just that memo, what took place around it. I’d like to know did Mr. Comey also memorialize conversations he had with key Justice Department officials, maybe the day after Loretta Lynch meets with Bill Clinton on the tarmac.”

Jordan continues, “I’d like to know did he memorialize conversations he had with key Justice Department officials the day they decided to give Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson immunity deals. I’d like to know if those things took place too.”

Jordan expects Comey to testify before the Oversight Committee next week. Stressing the importance of context and consistency, Jordan asks, “Did Mr. Comey only memorialize conversations in and about President Trump or did he also memorialize conversations about other, equally or certainly big, important issues like the Clinton investigation, like the [IRS].  How about the fact that when they made the decision not to prosecute Lois Lerner or anyone in the IRS targeting scandal, were there conversations that were memorialized about those decisions? That’s something we need to know, because if there weren’t, and it was only about conversations he had with President Trump, then that should tell us something. And that’s something that we as a Congress and the American people need to know.”

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