James Comey Admits Trump Admin Didn’t Obstruct Investigation


@WKZ On Tech Hypocrisy? You mean like liberals complaining about Comey getting fired after they all all wanted him fired? Yeah, hypocrisy lmao.

What about all the impeachment offences that Obummer has done for 8 years. Liberal just suck big time!!!
William Ogden

Michael Savage is right… Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

It’s happened: The dems and rino’s have gone full retard….
Bearded Wonder

Lol impeach trump and you get a war you can’t win left needs to go back to Starbucks and settle down
SweetTea Stephens

I voted trump and made my mind up before he ran. I knew I would never ever ever vote for that hagbag bitch Hillary whom we all knew would run and get nominated. She never had my vote to begin with. The repubs could have put forth frosty the clown for all I cared she wouldn’t have gotten shit from me but a vote against her. It had nothing to do with Russia. Also a sidenote- WE ARE NOT AT WAR WITH RUSSIA SO WHO GIVES A SHIT!! Only libtards who are butt hurt their murderous idiot didn’t win.
Chris Xavier

This is all horseshit, Trump did nothing wrong!
jeff bunner

The democrats care nothing about improving life for Americans! They care only to regain power over us.

Liberals or better known as domestic terrorists will soon become more dangerous than ISIS.

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