Lou Dobbs: Establishment GOP represents a danger to Trump

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski weigh in on ‘Hannity’


Are there any Democrats that are not mentally ill. If so stand up for your country
Yvan Herrera

The American people are with Trump.
Joe Piervincenti

I share the opinion that Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of support of their candidate, President Trump. Do they want a Democrat president? We the People are fed up with everything DC. It is worse than a swamp, its a human cesspool.

John McCain is an enemy of America!
David Olinger

You appoint a special prosecutor when you have some evidence of a crime. You do not appoint a special prosecutor to look for some evidence of a crime. The Undemocratic Socialist Party aka Democrats is doing everything they can to prevent the focus on them, and all their actual crimes. Stop playing defence President Trump, and start prosecuting the real anti-American criminals in DC. 😎
Pfokrehrii Peter

America is going crazy the liberal fake news will tear your country apart All the Tump supporters needs to pray for him. I’m praying for your President from India May God protect him.

60% of the NSC are still Obama era hold-overs! Trump has to get the basics right, get his own people appointed now
lord damianos

we need civil war!!!!destroy the demokrats and globalist bastards!!!!!!!!
teri raser

first step, Mr. President- surround yourself with loyal people. get rid of those like reince priebus. and install people more like Bannon. people who want to enforce your agenda. who work for YOU and the american people, not for themselves. and plug the freaking leaks already.

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