‘Number of Confirmed Fatalities’ After Reports of ‘Explosions’ At UK Ariana Grande Concert


UK Police have confirmed a number of fatalities in central Manchester in the North of England after reports of one or more “explosions” during an Ariana Grande concert on Monday evening.

Greater Manchester Police said there have been a “number of fatalities and others injured” at the Manchester Arena, where Grammy-nominated pop singer Ariana Grande was performing.

Eyewitness accounts posted to social media show convoys of ambulances moving to the centre of Manchester as thousands of music fans fled the Manchester Evening News Arena.

Greater Manchester Police and the local NHS trust confirmed they had responded to a “serious incident” at the Manchester Arena, and urged members of the public to stay clear of the area.

Manchester’s Victoria railway station has been evacuated and all lines closed — both mainline services and local Metrolink trams. National Rail said in a statement that “Disruption is expected to continue until the end of the day”.

A spokesman for Ariana Grande told media the songstress was safe.

Eyewitness Andy Holey told the BBC he saw “several bodies”. He said the explosion was near the ticket office and he was blown off his feet by the blast.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 6.27.23 PM

The Manchester Evening News reports “two loud bangs” in the vicinity of the Manchester Arena. Video posted to social media platform Twitter shows the moments after the event in the arena, and in which the sounds of screams and panic are clear.


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