The truth they hide

| – MAY 23, 2017

Which is more important – not hurting Muslims’ feelings, or our children being blown up?

Frank Wall

Paul Joseph Watson — well spoken. — You are in my prayers. — those jihadist ragheads are in my gunsights the Almighty Yahweh willing I pray.
Melissa Stark

Our Government has sacrificed those poor children on the altar of tolerance. Fuck Islam, fuck the left and fuck the virtue signalling cunts who will continue to make the feelings of muslims the number one priority.
cotia atlantica

fuck islam! fuck CNN
J. Carroll

Just Pave over the God damned Middle East already.

Welcome to my “racist” country Poland. A country where when a firecracker goes off, you are sure it was a firecracker, where we use public transport without being scared. A country that has 38 milion citizens, yet 10 thousand muslims and just a few mosques. We’ve never had a terrorist attack. Coincidence?

Hitler is starting to look like a genius

I’m sorry but it’s too late, a lot of them have already the european citizenship, their children are considered as europeans although they aren’t. Their birth rates are higher than ours. It’s only about time.

Milo Yiannopoulos, “Europe has fallen, but I believe America can be save.”
Makaronimees Makaronist

Islamophobia doesn’t exist. A fear against a cult that literally tells its members to chop of your head can’t be irrational.
everardo feliciano

Muslim refugees are parasites to every country they make their host

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