Manchester Ariana Grande Terrorist Attack was done by a British Man

Published on May 23, 2017

The Adventurous Guide to the Galaxy

Im telling you… That wall is sounding better every day.
Tarou BB

So the common factor is still Islam? The religion of Peace at it again.
Little BLack

white girls are so dumb for promoting and voting for this it shows that women are conformists and should not have the right to vote etc they are too dumb…..and brainwashed by the “trend” liberal gay or white hoe from hollywood who tells them how to think like a libtard

i am ashamed of much of the behaviour of woman today
Democrats are SCUM Nuke mecca

NUKE mecca NUKE john oliver
Zach Mays

They don’t seem to lack the resources to arrest people over Facebook posts.

I feel sorry for the children who are the victims of their parents delusional belief systems which result in dangerous, and insane immigration policies.

Islam is EVIL! Sharia law is against humanity. liberalism is a cancer that feeds Islam
Christopher DAuria

They are killing your children..wake up and fight for your right to live
gh hg

Dark times for the Uk….

“A British man” should say a Libyan man living in Britain or with British passport. Fucking media cunts with their fucking cultural relativism.

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