Tucker Carlson: We ENCOURAGE Immigrants to REJECT Our Culture

Published on May 23, 2017

5-23-17: Tucker Carlson interviews Maajid Nawaz and Katie Hopkins about Western attitudes and responses to Muslim immigration.

Chad Chaddington The Fourth

Muslims aren’t decent. Come on. They’re literally the only demographic here in Europe that doesn’t even try to fit in. You can walk down the street and everybody is more or less dressed the same. Reasonable. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except for all the muslim dudes walking around in their bright green traditional garbs and fucking sandals with their ninja costume wives like it’s goddamn Halloween. Seriously. Fuck Islam. It’s a shitty ideology for shitty people. They’ve been shitting on our civilization ever since they arrived here. Fuck ’em.

Anyone remember that evil racist travel ban? ? ?
Paul Lambert

I know, so few! I always thought Americans were much more efficient.
I Arc I

But…but the religion of peace…..
Harry Parsons

CNN pretends it didn’t happen. They were talking about Micheal Flynn. How fucked up is that?
Budd Smith

99% of non-Whites should be kicked out of Europe or shot.
jack thelad

a muslim will never turn in another muslim kill them all
Alimony Mindset

Can someone answer this question: Why should we have any Muslim immigration? What do we gain, and is that gain more than what it costs us? If not, why have it at all?

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