New evidence Obama’s NSA conducted illegal searches

Published on May 24, 2017

Documents show NSA systematically violated rights of countless Americans; chief Washington correspondent James Rosen reports

Ana Schuster

Obummer needs to be put in jail for life.

Why is there no special prosecutor for this?
rick grimes

When are the Obama investigations going to start? He has committed some very serious crimes

Baraq Hussain Obama is a HALFRICAN, therefore there will be no investigations of any kind, you racist bastard you!
Grateful Dude

Funny, CNN made no mention of this…….
David Bryant Lonsinger

Obama needs to go to jail along with the Clintons and the Podestas
Medicine Mann

Obumer The Snake

President Trump was right!   Obama was wire taping him, spying on him, and listening to conversations that was supposed to be private. This news, should trouble every US citizen when saying anything, to family or friends by cell phone!  We will never hear a word of this from CNN FAKE NEWS!   GO TRUMP!
Susan Murdock Murdock

Why aren’t the Republicans ALL OVER this illegal surveiling of Trump and his people??? Will we hear ANYTHING. What about the unmasking of Flynn!? We need answers. Are the right in a freaking coma!?
Doris Nogueras

bet you won’t hear this on the MSM channels
Jared Wennstrom

Now Obama can be with Hillary in prison

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