“They’re Liars!” Tucker GOES OFF on CNN, MSNBC, ABC for Manchester Coverage

5-23-17: Tucker Carlson breaks down CNN, MSNBC, and ABC’s preferential coverage of Trump vs Manchester yesterday.

Roses Of Time

Lies and fake news matter more to the MSM!!!

4 things that don’t exist. 1. President Hillary Clinton 2. A 3rd gender. 3. Real news from CNN/MSNBC 4. The liberals Trump Russia conspiracy theory
Robert Rinaldi

I used to think that FOX was the most bias and non trustworthy news. Actually it’s the least bias and most trustworthy.
Jojo Crazy Cat

Muslims have no logic, they just kill all Infidels, and then each other.
Chris Conger

Breaking from CNN…anonymous sources tell us trump drinks human blood.
Farero Lobos

If 9/11 happened today American media wouldn’t stop talking about Trump and Russia… and when they eventually talked about the attacks they’d put the blame on Putin.
Elise T

they were all trying to distract the public !!! love Tucker 😉
Movies For Adults Music

David D

Pretend for a minute that Russia talked to Trump everyday for a year and paid Trump $500 million dollars. So what!?! It wouldn’t be illegal and our laws cannot be changed without approval from Congress and/or the Courts. Examine and prosecute actual crimes by Obama and Hillary if you are truly concerned about justice.

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