Info-leak era? Intel sharing scandal amid Manchester attack probe

Published on May 26, 2017

The UK has resumed sharing intelligence with the Pentagon after receiving fresh assurances. This comes after unauthorized leaks splashed across US media following the Manchester terrorist attack, according to Reuters, citing Britain’s most senior counter terrorism officer.


Truth has no value anymore. All that matters is getting your agenda accomplished. Everybody is throwing around accusations and lies. it is almost impossible to tell what is true anymore. Truth is valuable for civilization to function, and now there is no foundation because truth is gone in the main stream and governments

Obama shredded the security of secrets by having opened up the NSA grid to many civilian subcontractors in Obama’s attempt to spy on what tallys up hundreds of thousands of illegal spying on citizens now Trump has inherited a mess.

Obviously they didn’t want it out. Unrest among the wolves.
Rabi Ben Lavi

The sane people in US intel leaked it because they don’t want little girls getting killed in the US and then 20 million irate Americans burning down every mosque down from California to New York. The US is no where near as small and controllable as the UK. The most anti-American-Government ideas don’t come from Russia, not even Iran. It comes from America itself.
Darryl Conte

what the Hell’s wrong giving info to you’re Allies

State secrecy is only for the protection of the gangsters, who run the corrupt totalitarian police state, from public scrutiny of the crimes they perpetrate.

Doug Walters

The police will say if you have nothing to hide than show us. The governments don’t want to show/tell you anything is there a message there

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