‘Try That in THIS Country & You’ll Have a Civil War!’ Tucker vs Anti-Gun Activist

Published on Jun 23, 2017

6-23-17: Tucker debates anti-gun activist Mark Glaze about the failures of Seattle’s gun tax.

Merengue PerSempre

Lose the right to bear arms and you will turn into Sweden. Just saying.
Bat Masterson

So do the gang members purchase their fire arms legally? I doubt it! This TAX has nothing to do with the gun violence. It has to do with Liberals suffering from CNN Syndrome!
Maddy Perennity

And probably an even higher percentage of gun murders are committed by registered Democrats. Maybe we should further hone in on the problem. If Democrats want to ban guns, maybe they should just ban their own and leave everyone else out of it.

That guy’s droopy eyelids are a sign of lack of Cell Salts. My Constitutional Rights are NOT a theory, asshat. Australia is nearly a police state.
David Westhoff

gun violence still happens in Australia… by criminals, and the honest citizen is helpless to defend themselves!
Mike Hunt

I live in South Dakota. everyone carrys hand guns and everyone has assault rifles in their houses. rural South Dakota is one of the safest places in America
Joshua Furness

the left is going to create a civil war with this type of ideology… forced buy back?!? Screw YOU. most people doing those surveys aren’t even gun owners. so once again, this guy is wrong. they shoot people like us, and then want to take our guns away?!? COME ON

Open carry for all !! Period !!! You know.. are rights.. Screw these stupid ass Dems !!

I will never hand over my rifles ever! I don’t care how much money you offer me to buy it back or if you don’t think I should have it because it terrifies some weak pansy liberal snowflake, I will never give up my guns!

Sunny Hostin – #TheView – Makes an ASS out her herself – #TFNOriginal

Comey memo makes Sunny Hostin look like a complete and total misinformed, big mouth liberal spouting out misinformation.

rocky balboa

I can’t even listen to these dummy cunts for half sec my ears start to bleed

They should go ahead and rename this show ‘The Losers View’.
Gerhard Braatz

Irrelevant, dumbass, gossiping, ignorant, bitches. What a waste of airtime and oxygen.
no views

What a total dumb cunt.
Great Owl

Dumbass house wives eat this crap up.

What scares me more is the people that watch that crap actually DO believe it. I run into these people every day and it is mind numbingly frustrating to hear them repeat the same crap that has been refuted. sigh
real deal44

Sunny should be called Cloudy now!

Who the fuck is Sunny Hostin?

hey stupid I mean Sunny, Comey said he meet President Trump 3 times before the Comey Grand Standing


Scary precedent

RTJUNE 24, 2017

An Israeli defense contractor has successfully test-fired a missile with a 400-kilometer range that can fit into a standard shipping container.

Launched from a ship, it joins the trend of weaponizing civilian freighters.

The missile that was fired on Tuesday, dubbed LORA or Long-Range Artillery weapon system, is produced by state-owned defense giant Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). According to company specifications, the solid-propellant ground-to-ground 1,600-kilogram projectile has a range of 400 kilometers and can be fired at a target in just 10 minutes.

First revealed in 2006, the missiles were originally designed to be secretly deployed. To protect them from detection, the missiles are stored in dedicated sealed canisters that can fit inside a standard shipping container and have a shelf life of seven years without maintenance.

From the start, IAI saw LORA as both land-based and ship-based system. This week, a missile fired from a ground launcher placed on a freighter vessel out at sea successfully hit its intended target on land.

“This was one of the most complex trials we held over the past few years and a technological breakthrough for IAI’s missile development operations,” said Executive Vice President Boaz Levi, according to an IAI statement.

“The trial was held according to a full operational outline, including an assessment of the system’s maneuvering, assault, and precision capabilities. The impressive results attest to the system’s maturity and advanced capabilities,” he said.

In theory, a complete containerized version of LORA would not need a dedicated launcher system. Rather a standard container would house four missiles and everything needed to fire them. A command and fire control section inside another container would be enough to serve up to four launchers.

The new technology could potentially turn any civilian freighter ship into a naval missile platform, a consideration that raises concerns about potential sneak attacks. Standardization would also make deploying such missiles on dedicated warships more flexible.

Russia has a similar system, a version of its Kalibr cruise missiles called Club-K, which was unveiled in 2011. Artist concepts show the Russian Navy’s upcoming Arctic patrol boat with two containerized Kalibr launchers on its stern.



By Sara Burnett

(AP)Illinois is on track to become the first U.S. state to have its credit rating downgraded to “junk” status, which would deepen its multibillion-dollar deficit and cost taxpayers more for years to come.

S&P Global Ratings has warned the agency will likely lower Illinois‘ creditworthiness to below investment grade if feuding lawmakers fail to agree on a state budget for a third straight year, increasing the amount the state will have to pay to borrow money for things such as building roads or refinancing existing debt.

The outlook for a deal wasn’t good Saturday, as lawmakers meeting in Springfield for a special legislative session remained deadlocked with the July 1 start of the new fiscal year approaching.


That should alarm everyone, not just those at the Capitol, said Brian Battle, director at Performance Trust Capital Partners, a Chicago-based investment firm.

“It isn’t a political show,” he said. “Everyone in Illinois has a stake in what’s happening here. One day everybody will wake up and say ‘What happened? Why are my taxes going up so much?'”

Here’s a look at what’s happening and what a junk rating could mean:


Ratings agencies have been downgrading Illinois’ credit rating for years, though they’ve accelerated the process as the stalemate has dragged on between Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democrats who control the General Assembly.

The agencies are concerned about Illinois’ massive pension debt, as well as a $15 billion backlog of unpaid bills and the drop in revenue that occurred when lawmakers in 2015 allowed a temporary income tax increase to expire.

“In our view, the unrelenting political brinkmanship now poses a threat to the timely payment of the state’s core priority payments,” S&P stated when it dropped Illinois’ rating to one level above junk, which was just after lawmakers adjourned their regular session on May 31 without a deal.

Moody’s did the same, stating: “As the regular legislative session elapsed, political barriers to progress appeared to harden, indicating both the severity of the state’s challenges and the political difficulty of advocating their solutions.”


Think of it as a credit score, but for a state (or city or county) instead of a person.

When Illinois wants to borrow money, it issues bonds. Investors base their decision on whether to buy Illinois bonds on what level of risk they’re willing to take, informed greatly by the rating that agencies like Moody’s assign.

A junk rating means the state is at a higher risk of repaying its debt. At that point, many mutual funds and individual investors — who make up more than half the buyers in the bond market — won’t buy. Those willing to take a chance, such as distressed debt investors, will only do so if they are getting a higher interest rate.

While no other state has been placed at junk, counties and cities such as Chicago, Atlantic City and Detroit have. Detroit saw its rating increased back to investment grade in 2015 as it emerged from bankruptcy — an option that by law, states don’t have.


Battle says the cost to taxpayers in additional interest the next time Illinois sells bonds, which it inevitably will need to do in the long-term, could be in the “tens of millions” of dollars or more.

The more money the state has to pay on interest, the less that’s available for things such as schools, state parks, social services and fixing roads.

“For the taxpayer, it will cost more to get a lower level of service,” Battle said.

Comptroller Susana Mendoza, who controls the state checkbook, agreed.

“It’s going to cost people more every day,” she said. “Our reputation really can’t get much worse, but our state finances can.”


Because the state has historically been a significant funding source to other entities, such as local government and universities, many of them are feeling the impact of Illinois’ worsening creditworthiness already.

S&P already moved bonds held by the Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority and the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority — the entities that run Navy Pier, McCormick Place, and U.S. Cellular Field — to junk.

Five universities also have the rating: Eastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University and Southern Illinois University.