Roger Stone: It Blows My Mind To See What Maxine Waters Is Saying And Doing

Published on May 31, 2017
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PRESIDENT TRUMP Winning streak

Impeachment of the Libtard Primate Waters underway!! LOSERS GET. MAGA President TRUMP card and winning MAGA
Billy Greene

What in the hell gives HER the moral authority to criticize ANYONE???? Her James Brown wig ought to give one a hint that things are not right with her mind!!
holoholo haole no ka oi

These hysterical Demtards are digging their own graves
bob robertson

Watters admits to her voters all she is doing in DC is to get our president impeached she admits she is neglecting her voters she cares not t get things done in her community what she was elected to do I am sure she did not run on getting someone impeached she probable told them she was going to work hard on getting things done in her community.
phil shea

I reckon O,Reilly was right , she does look like james brown . But for the life of me , I cant see why she has that job
Angela Baiers

Why are tax dollars and Gov resources being wasted on these allegations? Several Gov officials, CIA Clapper, Comey verified no evidence of collusion. This spec prosecutor Mueller could reignite & spend years on this.
Jacqueline Dollard

Just drive around the areas she’s been representing for decades.  A shambles.  Her and the fruits of her “labour” is a HOT MESS
Rich Powers

She is a piece a trash. dumb brain dead mentally enslaved moron. She belongs in the morgue

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