Obama’s 57 states lol VS. COVFEFE

Phil Washburn

57 states and one left to go is 58. The idiots that voted for this idiot should have to wear one of Bill Engvall’s signs so we know who they are. Wouldn’t want to slap an innocent person, after all.
Allan Bacon

Where did Barack Obama go to grade school ? How did he learn about the 57 States ? He maybe an undocumented worker.

So lets say he meant to say 47. Even then, how does 47 + 1 = 50? Im sorry but this is just Embarrassing. This would be embarrassing for someone in First Grade.
Luke Thornburgh

I guess he was counting the 7 Islamic states of America.
Larry Lewis

Obama is just an idiot, and was thinking about the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It has 57 Islamic ‘member states’. That makes perfect sense. It is where his heart is, not the USA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organisation_of_Islamic_Cooperation
joshua raglin

And yall think bush is a moron. check this guy out.
cyote one

there is know way a half educated born american, let alone a president of the united states could ever make that mistake. no excuse. POSPOTUS.

Would you have said the same thing if George Bush had made that comment?  That’s the real issue in my opinion.  Because it was Obama, no one talked about this, and the late-night comedians, who would have made fun of this for months if a Republican had said, just ignored it instead. Just be fair, and treat everyone the same – either way!

Yes. You are right but the press didn’t jump all on Obama when this happened! The press ❤ obama.

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