The Sad Truth About The Paris Climate Accord | Stefan Molyneux

Published on Jun 1, 2017

President Donald Trump is expected to announce his decision on the Paris Climate Accord shortly. What is the truth about the highly touted Paris Climate agreement?

SlipperyRock #9

As a US citizen I am thrilled that our President exposed and rejected the most fraudulent sneaky back room deal in human history, that was a cash cow for globalists the world over. This will cut down on the bribery and payoffs to many of the worlds corrupt politicians.
James S

Finally a POTUS that doesn’t sell out its own people.

Stefan, I worked in development for over 10 years in our glorious third world countries. I’m pissed at myself to admit that you summarized foreign aid better than anyone I have ever heard: “Foreign aid appears to be the process of transferring money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.” That is fucking spot-on. I’m mad I never came up with that formulation.
Gregg L. Van DeVeer

CO2 only causes plants to grow, according to reliable scientists. SO2, spewed by volcanoes, causes the climate to cool, according to historic climatologists,. Politicians cause the climate to heat up, and causes the air to become foul and stagnant. I have an idea, just outlaw politicians.
Perfect Harmony

Our so-called leaders have spent years pushing Americans out of the workforce and replacing them with immigrants, with the highest-paying jobs going to the Indians and the Chinese, pushing whites down to 5th place and the blacks down farther yet. The Paris Climate scam was focused on enriching India and China at the expense of the American people and our workers, obviously intended to push us into 3rd world status, while raising the status of the Indians and Chinese above us. Sooooo, my question is: who wrote this agreement? Are India and China running the US? How in the world did American “leaders” agree to push their own people out into the cold, while elevating two other nations, not only in their own lands, but also here in our home? I don’t begrudge the Indians and Chinese any success, but who does such a thing to their own country, to their own people?
George Streicher

Of course all this global warming nonsense is just propaganda. As happens in human history, technology seems to come out of nowhere to be a game changer. The next big technology break through will be liquid fluoride salt thorium nuclear reactors. This will make electricity ridiculously cheap. As a result, hydrogen and oxygen will be the fuels used for transportation. The standard of living for the world will soar with cheap energy. All this nonsense about global warming will evaporate. Of course this will cause the elites to loose control and they will have to come up with another scam to control and manipulate the sheeple.
Charles Hanks

China and India produce so much of the greenhouse gases that if the US and Europe stopped all use tomorrow, NOTHING would change. We, the US would pay trillions to corrupt governments to do nothing but issue reports saying if the US paid them more they could do something.
Fred Abbot

The UN has no clothes without the US.

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