Kathy Griffin lied about not wanting to go After Barron Trump

Published on Jun 2, 2017

Kathy Griffin saying she wants to attack Barron Trump http://www.vulture.com/2016/12/kathy-…


OMG she is a psycho ……. that press stuff was pathetic.
Miami Vice

whatwhyandwhos It was all a shit show to try and claim victim status. I think serial killers should start using this same method, hold a press conference and tell everyone how they are actually the victim instead of the people burried in their back yard lol

What a worthless cunt.

She has been bullying Trump family since I can remember👆🏼🙄👆🏼

I watched her entire news conference. Seriously???? She’s the victim now? No Ma’am. You went too far! This wasn’t a comedy piece. This was a “How outrageous do I need to go to stay relevant and whore up some attention” attempt. Well dumbass, you got your attention and it wasn’t just loud applause from the Hollywood “A” listers like you had hoped. Sorry Kathy….major fail. Maybe next time don’t align your “comedy” with ISIS based imagery.
Justin Gibbons

The perfect example of a cry bully.
Faith Chats Faith M.

So… she foreshadowed the attacks on Barron Trump and then followed through. I was just watching a former intelligence agent say they would have to prove, “a willingness to follow through with threats, in order for her to actually be charged.” I don’t have Twitter, but if someone does and they can tweet the link to this article of Kathy saying she was going after Barron Trump this may help to prove at least online bullying towards Barron Trump. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to bully online, especially a 60 some year old woman saying she will intentionally attack a CHILD.

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