Published on Jun 5, 2017

Nova Europa

Choreographed News Network.
Son Gaea

Check out this video Titled Breaking CNN reporter says cnn paid to decieve. She basically alleges cnn international gets paid to create narrratives. And what do we just so happen to have video evidence of today? Feels good man.
Tee Bhullar

When Muslims don’t even speak out against Islamic terrorism to the point you have to fake a protest, you might just be defending the wrong ideology. I was watching a video by a Muslim youtuber by the name of Naseeha Sessions about the recent terrorist attack and he literally said he shouldn’t have to condemn the attacks made in the name of Islam. That’s the mentality they hold. He also wanted an open dialogue with non-Muslims but then deleted my comment lol
Nick B

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
Your mother is fat and smells bad

im suprises they didn’t arrange a “white supremacist” to come attack them to prove white are the real bad guys
Ashish Patel

LMFAO. i guess the donald was right when he said “very fake news”
Jason Carto

CNN The enemy of the people 


I just did a image search of the Manchester Love concert and I couldn’t find a single burka in the whole crowd. Where’s all the Muslim support from the religion of peace and love.

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