CNN Host Calls Trump Piece of Sh!t

Published on Jun 5, 2017

CNN host Reza Aslan has a profanity problem. ‘Believer’ host flipped out on President Trump over the weekend, and has a long history of using fowl language and bullying people on Twitter. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017 – Subscribe now for more videos every day!

Karla Polina

And what has 11 – year old Baron done to be called a piece of shit!!??? That muslim is a piece of shit himself!!
Richard Wilson

The saddest thing is that what Trump said isn’t even controversial. At least, not among anyone with even half a functional brain.
Chris G

Fucking nonwhite Reza Aslan doesn’t even deserve to be in this country! I see no American. I see an infiltrator working against us.
Shaun Mandich

Who owns CNN? Lets expose those people.
william carrillo

this stupid idiot even know he is the piece of shit he is working for fake media CNN. he is on side of terrorists what hes showing .calling his president that!
Bob Adams

I worries me that there is a bunch of muslim peices of sh!t masquerading as journalist on an American “news” network.
God Damn Idiot

CNN says anything they want on TV. No one is watching anyway. They know this so they just go ahead and get idiots to say shit on TV.
Michael Stillwell

I work in washington dc. Every single federal building has lots of monitors blaring cnn 24/7. Government employees love cnn. Most every building has empty picture frames where obamas picture used to be also. Dc is full of liberals.

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