Katie Hopkins Criticizes Sadiq Khan’s Response to London Attacks

Published on Jun 4, 2017


London Mayor is a Heathen Motherfucker and needs to be kicked the fuck out!!!
Kelley Manning

Trump tried to warn you people…he is the only world leader that tried to do something about the muslims….but nobody listened.
Christien Scheepers

Arm the Englishmen with guns and drive the enemy out of it’s nest !
Elie Duguay

Why are the west allowing Muslims in gov.?

teresa may said terrorist attack, lets censor the internet, oh yea thats the solution.

Why is Katie Hopkins not our PM…. maybe because she actually will do something about this intolerable situation! Khan is like a little pussy cat,,, just a faint meow !! We want someone who loves this country, who will stand up for this country who will actually acknowledge that there are measures to be taken and take them… the government are not stupid they are just cowards or , worse still, globalists who endorse this behaviour for their evil NWO agenda. Theresa May get up, speak up and do something… we are sick for rhetoric… we need action and we need it now.

Political correctness kills.

Who in the world voted for Khan to be mayor?

London voted for a Muslim Mayor, it will be over three years before London will have chance to vote again, how many more times will Khan have to make excuses for attacks from members of his own religion or is it a cult?

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