PICTURE OF COWARDICE London Bridge attackers revealed with Arsenal-shirted jihadi ringleader named as Khuram Shazad Butt and second terrorist identified as Moroccan pastry chef Rachid Redouane

By Mark Hodge, Mike Sullivan, Tom Wells, Alex Diaz, David Willetts, Ellie Cambridge, Emma Lake and Tom Michael

THE identity of two of the London Bridge terror attackers have been revealed with cops naming the butchers behind the killing spree that claimed seven innocent lives.

Sick jihadis Khuram Shazad Butt, 27 – also known as “Abz” – and Rachid Redouane, 30, along with a third accomplice were shot dead in Borough Market after mowing down pedestrians on London Bridge and launching a relentless stabbing attack.

Police have named one of the London Bridge terrorists as Khuram Shazad Butt

Rachid Redouane was one of the terrorists involved in the London Bridge attack

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Formal identification has not yet taken place, but cops believe they know the identities of the two men named today – both of whom are from Barking in East London.

Inquiries are still ongoing to confirm the identity of the third attacker.

Ex-KFC and London Tube worker Butt was quizzed by cops over his twisted views before he was gunned down along following the depraved assault on Saturday night.

The killer and his two accomplices murdered seven people after mowing down revellers in central London before going on a rampage wearing fake bomb vests and wielding hunting knives.

The Sun had earlier revealed that the Arsenal kit-wearing ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack posed with a jihadi flag on Channel 4 documentary The Jihadis Next Door, was thrown out of a mosque and tried to radicalise kids in his local park in the years before the devastating atrocity.

Police today confirmed Butt was known to security services, including MI5.

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Redouane – who also used the name Rachid Elkhdar – is believed to be a pastry chef who married a Scottish woman and had lived in Ireland.

He claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan and was not known to security services, police said.

Cops appealed for anyone with information about the men to contact police

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Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said: “I would urge anyone with information about these men, their movements in the days and hours before the attack and the places they frequented to come forward.

“The police and our partners are doing everything we can across the country to help prevent further attacks and protect the public from harm.

“At any one time MI5 and police are conducting around 500 active investigations, involving 3,000 subjects of interest. Additionally, there are around 20,000 individuals who are former subjects of interest, whose risk remains subject to review by MI5 and its partners.

“The security and intelligence services and police have stopped 18 plots since 2013, including five since the Westminster attack two months ago.”


  • Abz appeared on C4’s The Jihadis Next Door unfurling a jihadi flag
  • He was thrown out of his mosque for ranting that voting in an election was “un-Islamic”
  • A friend contacted police about him due to concerns – he was quizzed but not arrested and allowed to keep his passport
  • He attempted to radicalise children in a nearby park
  • He was reported for a demonstration in Regents Park

Police had arrested 12 people since Saturday in connection with the attack, but all of those have now been released without charge.

Shortly after the pair were named, a copy of Butt’s CV emerged on Sky News, showing the attacker’s employment history.

According to the document, the extremist has been working for Transport for London (TfL) since May last year.

In his CV, Butt lists his job title as “assistant for sales and customer service office – although TfL has since revealed he left in October last year, according to BBC journalist Daniel Sandford.

He is also listed as a “coordinator” for a company called Auriga Holdings.

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The document claims Butt had been working for TfL since May 2016

Jabir Bin Zayid Islamic Centre, which Butt was once kicked out of for interrupting a sermon, made a statement condemning the attacker today.

The statement reads: “We begin by reiterating and deep sense of loss and sadness at the crime these men have committed.

“Many hundreds of people pray at the Jabir Bin Zayid each week, the person that we now know to be Khuram Butt would infrequently attend this mosque.

“We did not know him well, his name was not known to us, it has been brought to our attention that some years ago after interrupting a Friday sermon he was asked to leave the mosque.

“We at Jabir Bin Zayid do not under any circumstances agree with violence targeting civilians.

“We will of course help the authorities however we can.”

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