I Am Sick And Tired Of Republican Party | Dick Morris

Published on Jun 5, 2017
Rogue Spooks: The Secret Intelligence Plot to Destroy Donald Trump http://amzn.to/2pQ13El

This is a mirror channel, the official channel of Dick Morris is here

Lois Degeneffe

The “Two Party System” is a myth. They are two sides of the same coin who use each other as foils and an excuse to get NOTHING done for the people, while existing only to serve their corporate masters and enrich themselves.
Palmira Enriquez

Many “Republicans” are in George Soros payroll.
Expanded Microdot

Why is the republican party in the business of crafting GOVERNMENT ran health care in the first place ? Yea we need MORE government in our lives(sarcasm) . Jeez. Repeal and replace? Screw that how about repeal and forget?
ringo stark

I am sick and tired of ALL politicians!!! Dick, please wake up — Rep vs. Dem. doesn’t matter. They either sell out to the Deep State or they get run out of town. It’s we the people vs. the Government. DRAIN THE SWAMP, BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE!!! Peace

Those republicans are worrying more about DEMOCRAT concerns than republican concerns!!!! SHAME on them!!!!

They view this as a way to leverage and damage trump. Thing is they are gambling that we won’t vote them out because we have no intention of putting in a democrat in their seat, they believe we are stuck with their RINO tactics. We need a conservative to run against them.

vote out the republicans in name only.
Chris Pruitt

Maybe it is time to vote in all new Senators. They do not listen to the will of the people anyway. Hey senators! REPEAL OBLAMACARE! Do you hear us!
Thomas Blow

OCare is imploding. It has insufficient funds to draw on. The providers are withdrawing.The whole government will shut down in September and then the president can keep open the limited parts of it that are necessary.

RINOS…and they will help Dems impeach Mr.Trump if the chance comes up…they can’t wait

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