“That Video Is Appalling!” Tucker and Tomi Lahren React to Evergreen Madness

Published on Jun 5, 2017

6-5-17: Tucker Carlson and Tomi Lahren discuss the recent campus craziness at Evergreen State College.

L Camarillo

As a conservative Mexican American I’m tired of other black and brown people telling me that I’m on the “wrong side of politics”. I’m also tried of black and brown people telling me that I’m a disgrace to”my people” because I’m a Trump supporter.

When somebody can say “fuck you and fuck the police” and get an applause as if they spoke some fundamental philosophical truth then you know your civilization is doomed.

This is what happens when you let minorities into higher education by letting them take the place of someone who scored higher. This is priceless THE LEFT EATING THE LEFT! Fuck’em they created these little whiny mush brained monsters. Poetic justice too funny!
Jake Bjorne

if white people are so bad then why do so many black people depend on them 🤔
Randy Douglas

Why does it always seem to be angry and petpetually offended black women leading the charge, screaming the loudest with disgusting profanities and threatening violence not only to other students but, unbelievably, to faculty as well. This is what the victim and entitlement culture breeds–racist, demanding, antisocial, unemployable and self-centered narcissists. There is no respect for anyting or anybody–even the rule of law. Since they recorded this and the video went viral, they are demanding that the video be removed and are working with Google to retrieve them all. They apparently understand only now how bad they appear to the world. Based on their behaviors, I certainly wouldn’t hire them!
Brooke Genest

I emailed the original professor and a secretary; I haven’t received anything back. These students need to be immediately expelled, PERMANENTLY!!!

I don’t get why nobody calls out these Niggers for being racist.

For years americans were so focused on getting their kids to college they forgot to pay attention to who is teaching them and what are they teaching them. Now we have a generation who are the most privileged people on the planet but who think they’re oppressed.
Michael Gonzales

These people are absolutely ignorant. Racism doesn’t stop being racism just because you have more melanin. No respect for HUMANITY, this is gross.

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