RUSH: Imagine The Hassle If ‘Reality Winner’ Had Leaked NSA Document During Trump Transition

Published on Jun 6, 2017

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They used a fake document, had it classified, and used it as ‘bait’ to see who would leak it. THAT is probably what happened.

The ‘Russians’ excuse is faker than a $3 bill. That is all they got. Pathetic, isn’t it?

Shoot that stupid bitch traitor

I need to see this woman’s birth certificate before I will believe anyone is named “Reality Winner”.
james mcbride

This whole story is a setup…hoax written all over it !

There is no way some spear fishing emails to a hundred people flips an election. Impossible. The Dems looks really stupid now. So does the NSA and FBI.
Carlos Danger

Reality winner from the show biggest loser?
Pinkie Bo

So really Russian helped Hillary win the majority vote !!! Even if the Russians tampered with every voting machine in America , Hillary would not have won !!! Why? Because it was the Electoral College’s 304 votes that gave Trump the Presidency not the voting machines!

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