James Hodgkinson The Far Left Bernie Sanders Congressional Baseball Shooter

Published on Jun 14, 2017
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American rebel

this is exactly what TYT, Antifa, Rachel Maddow, Don lemon, and all those other leftist cucks have been trying encourage since the 20th!

THINGS TO DO TO SUPPORTERS OF TRUMP: 1) -Kidnap/torture a handicap- 2) -Rip someone out of car and beat him- 3) -Burn Trash/buildings/cars-

Trump has let it continue. I think he sees that the Dems are destroying themselves, and is content to break out the popcorn until the job is done. Well, they are done and it is time to take out the trash.

Paul Ryan sounds like the pathetic Politicians from the UK who were spewing the same PC Bullshit after the recent terrorist attacks. These cowards ARE as much a part of the problem as the actual terrorists.
Droopy Dog

Can’t wait to hear how TYT covers this.

Leftism has killed more people (140 – 200 million+ ) than most all the worlds religions. Leftist political ideology owns the majority of the worst politically motivated genocides.
American rebel

you know what, it’s to bad that he didn’t kill anyone. maybe this is exactly what America needed to wake the fuck up and see what the left is actually about!

Solution: Throw commies out of helicopters. TBH, it’s better that Congresscritters are being attacked than people.
Michael Charway


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