Tolerant liberals go to social media to attack Republicans

| Infowars.com – JUNE 14, 2017

Days ago a NYC crowd delivered a standing ovation for a simulated assassination of the President of The United States.

Now, a baseball practice loaded with Republican congressman and staffers became a live mass-shooting event.

Johnny B

The guns on the street ar the issue, not tax paying citizens. Guns don’t kill people in inner cities, typically armed gang-banging violent minoreties do – headed for the Democrate controlled prision system.
Chris Lanese

50 shots fired from an AR…and only 1 hit. I like those odds. BRING ON THE CIVIL WAR LEFTIES!
Johnny B

Okay so the shootings and violence come fro 2 sources – The muslim community and the dem community, gee Batman case solved they align themselves, with each other and the NWO – what will it take for the average Joe/Jane to get it!!!
Scrotum Jelly

“we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence”… dude, we would have annihilated ourselves a century ago if that were the case. moron. not only a moron, but a liar too.

Nancy Ruggeri

Resistance News? are you a pro or anti Trump supporter channel? Reason I ask is that they, the fascist, are the “resisters”, etc. ?


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